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How to Make Lofi Music: The Complete Guide

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Lofi Music If you’ve stumbled on a playlist titled “study music,” “beats to relax to,” or “chill beats," you’ve heard lofi music. OK great… but what exactly is it? And how do you make lofi music? Read on for some approaches to producing...

The Definitive Synth Bass Guide – Calling All Bass Heads!

An Overview of Essential Synth Bass Sounds There’s nothing quite like feeling bass vibrate throughout your entire body. Bass is the most essential part in many music genres, particularly electronic music and hip hop. Synthesizers contribute heavily to their sound. And...

What’s a Synth Pad? The Lunatic’s Guide to Pads

Have you ever heard a song that you would describe as “sparse” or “empty”? Sometimes music can thrive off the space it creates. Other times, a song needs something to wrap everything together. That’s where a synth pad comes into play. It works to pad out an...

How to Sample: A Guide to Sampling Music

Sampling is the magic that comes from taking a previously recorded sound and repurposing it into a new musical context. When getting started, avoid the temptation to download tons of sample packs and libraries. Begin by learning the fundamentals. Sampling is reusing...

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