Bonus Presets


Download preset packs using CUBE’s Pack Portal (available in version 1.5 or higher)


Inspired by all the springtime blossoms, explore 25 presets and a set of fresh floral orbits to help you create more radiant soundscapes and delicate melodies.

Note: Requires Pastels expansion.


Deep, dirty, and mysterious, Graphite packs a new electronic punch in CUBE. Explore over 30 new presets, 5 new orbits, and 10 new arp sequences.


Lush soundscapes and sequences dotted with pointillistic textures, Particles unveils the sounds of the quantum universe.


Brooding sustains meet desolate ambiences, drive your CUBE with a darker string sound and a refined grit.

Note: Requires Threads expansion.


Glo up with this synth-focused preset pack. Warm pads and fuzzy keys meet plinky arps and bright pulses with luminous results.


Flowing pads, fluttering pulses, and flitting arps – breathe new life into your tracks.

Note: Requires Air expansion.


Enchant your CUBE with seasonal presets and festive orbits. Where spooky arps meet haunted pads and shaky leads, Howl adds a ghoulish bent.

Note: Requires Air, Threads, and Rumble expansions.


Grab that hot cocoa and cozy up because CUBE just got extra cool 🥶 Explore icy pads, festive sequences, twinkly plucks, and a fresh set of seasonal orbits.


Haunt includes 30 spine-tingling new presets perfect for creating spooky soundscapes.


A festive collection of holiday-themed sounds using the samples from Pastels and Canopies, with twinkling keys, swirling textures, and custom holiday-themed CUBE orbits.

Note: Requires Canopies and Pastels expansions.

Note: Free preset packs will only work with the full version of CUBE and should be downloaded using the Pack Portal within the plugin. The pack Portal is included in CUBE v1.5 and higher.


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