Introducing Dust – Desolate Granular Soundscapes for CUBE

Written by Bryan Peace

August 15, 2023
Introducing Dust – Desolate Granular Soundscapes for CUBE

Written by Bryan Peace

August 15, 2023

A New CUBE Expansion Pack from the Mind of Venus Theory

Renowned sound designer, producer, and content creator Venus Theory has been in our orbit since our earliest days. We’ve always been big fans of his in-depth reviews, thoughtful tutorials, and spicy takes on industry trends. After his in-depth CUBE review last year, he contributed dozens of cinematic presets to Rumble and Pastels. The response from CUBE users was overwhelmingly positive, so we knew there was much more to explore. 

Today we’re excited to announce the next phase of our continued collaboration: Dust. 

A new expansion pack for CUBE, Dust offers a deluge of vivid synth textures, shrouded with experimental effects that pile on the grit. Dust is launching at a discounted price of just $19. New Lunacy Audio customers also qualify for a special introductory offer: buy Dust, get CUBE Mini for free. 

We approached Dust with the concept of desolate, expansive liminal spaces, clouded in a dense, saturated fog. It started with Venus Theory’s massive synthesizer arsenal as its foundation, covering nearly every approach to synthesis imaginable: analog, digital, hybrid, subtractive, additive, granular, and everything in between. 

A wide selection of experimental effects add a hefty dose of cinematic grit: boutique distortion pedals, cutting-edge digital effects, and experimental approaches like radio interference and electromagnetic field recordings. Venus Theory’s cutting-edge sound design techniques take it to the next level, with spectral resynthesis, complex FM routing, extreme time stretching, and heaps of distortion and saturation from various overloaded circuits of questionable quality. 

We love how the pack turned out and can’t wait to hear what our users make with it!

Announcing the Lunacy Audio Artist Collection

Dust is the first pack in our new Artist Collection, a different approach to CUBE expansions that allows us to thoroughly explore a single artist’s aesthetic. For previous CUBE expansion packs, we worked with a diverse collective of expert sound designers and producers to create presets for a range of different styles. After multiple collaborations with artists like Venus Theory, we sensed an opportunity to go deeper, converging a single collaborator’s artistic sensibilities with our obsessive attention to sonic detail. The Artist Collection concept was born. 

Dust is the first of many Artist Collection packs to come over the next few months. Stay tuned for more!  

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