Installing CUBE Expansions


1. Download

Expansions are single zip files, no installer required. Once your download has finished, unzip the file to extract the hr1 file.

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2. Install

Open the preset browser in CUBE and click the button in the bottom left that says “Add Expansion”. Then, select the hr1 file.

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3. Activate

Use the license key from your order receipt email to activate the expansion and install it. Your license key can also be found on your Account page.


Why don't I see the expansion install button?

Make sure you’ve updated to at least CUBE v1.1.6 or higher in order to use expansions. The “Add Expansion” button will be in the bottom right of the CUBE preset browser.

Why does my expansion installer freeze?

If your installer is frozen, please contact us and we will provide files for a manual expansion installation.

Can I move my expansion samples?

Yes! You can move any expansion onto any hard drive.

  1. Open CUBE’s settings.
  2. Click “Change Sample Folder Locations”
  3. Click “Set Folder” for any of the expansions and select the new location for the samples.
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