Introducing Threads, A New CUBE Expansion

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022
Introducing Threads, A New CUBE Expansion

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022

Threads is our new CUBE expansion, designed to set a new bar for string sample libraries. Drawing on our experience composing for all forms of media and producing music across a wide range of genres, we packed Threads with 35 unique sound sources, featuring multi-layered playable instruments including pads, plucks, and one-shots; and 120 expertly-crafted presets with state-of-the-art sound design techniques. 

We caught up with founder Casey Kolb to get a deeper dive into Threads and how it relates to Lunacy Audio’s evolution and impact on the audio community moving forward. 

What inspired the initial concept of Threads? 

There are thousands of string libraries out there, but for Threads we really wanted to make something fresh –  a sample library beyond solo strings, but with the same organic and intimate character people love. As a composer, I own just about every string library on the market, but none were truly scratching my itch for evolving hybrid string textures, especially in a more producer-oriented context. We wanted to capture the essence of bowed and plucked sounds in a new way, and the result is a really special blend of detailed samples with forward-thinking presets and sound design.

How did the recording and sound design process work? 

Nothing beats the sound of fancy microphones in a great studio room. We knew we’d need the best equipment to pull this library off, so we sampled some of LA’s finest musicians at Sonic Fuel Studios, a premier film recording studio, and then ran these samples through tons of our favorite modular analog gear for that additional crunch.

What are some of your favorite sounds, presets, etc. within this expansion? 

We worked with some fantastic sound and preset designers on this pack, including names like Venus Theory and DataBroth. My favorite patch in particular is called Monsoons – it feels like a quintessential Lunacy texture and a sound I really haven’t heard before.

What are you most excited about for Threads in terms of its creative applications?

This library will allow music makers to use strings in ways they haven’t been able to before, and I can’t wait to hear how people weave these new textures into their tracks.

Weave a new sonic fabric with Threads today.

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