Lunacy Audio Spring Sale & One Year Anniversary!

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022
Lunacy Audio Spring Sale & One Year Anniversary!

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022

May 11th marks the one year anniversary of Lunacy Audio’s initial launch! We’ve come a long way over the past year, thanks in large part to our growing community of Lunacy Audio users who inspire us to make beautiful, intuitive technology that pushes the boundaries of virtual instrument design and sparks creativity across all genres of music. 

We also have some exciting updates to celebrate this milestone. 

Spring Sale: May 11th-31st

Lunacy Audio’s Spring Sale will run from May 11th through the end of the month. Throughout the duration of the sale, all Lunacy Audio products will feature promotional pricing at 40% off list price.

New Products: Threads and CUBE Mini

We’re also thrilled to announce two new products: 

Threads is our new CUBE expansion featuring imaginative string textures. Threads combines timeless solo orchestral strings with futuristic plucked and bowed sounds for a singular new take on string sample libraries. Check out this article for a behind the scenes look at Threads. 

CUBE Mini is our new bite-sized license for CUBE. With CUBE Mini, we took CUBE’s award-winning sonic engine and seamless 3D interface, and focused on the highest-impact features to make it accessible at a lower price point. Dive deeper into CUBE Mini here.

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