Introducing Rumble, Seismic Synth Bass & Percussion for CUBE

Written by Bryan Peace

September 22, 2022
Introducing Rumble, Seismic Synth Bass & Percussion for CUBE

Written by Bryan Peace

September 22, 2022

Rumble is a new CUBE expansion pack that combines massive synth bass with earth-shattering percussion. Loaded with 40 new sound sources and 120 new presets, Rumble delivers a hybrid bass and percussion sample library completely off the Richter scale.

Rumble picks up right where our previous expansion packs left off. With Air’s hybrid winds and Threads’ experimental strings, CUBE users have a wide range of options for melody, harmony, and texture. When it was time to design a new expansion pack, we knew we wanted to take things into a more rhythmic direction. As we started experimenting with percussion sounds, we couldn’t resist tapping into the low end of the spectrum by layering in our favorite bass sounds… and the concept for Rumble was born. 

As media composers, we have a soft spot for big cinematic percussion. Hard-hitting taikos, epic floor toms, and booming gran cassas are incredibly effective in upping the stakes of a production. We’re also synthesists and sound designers, so we love synth bass textures, whether it’s the seat-shaking low vibration of an 808 or the growl of a low-pass filter slowly opening.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble 

For this expansion we worked with some of LA’s very best percussionists, including Hal Rosenfeld. We recorded a wide range of articulations at Sonic Fuel Studios with the industry’s top engineers. Rumble also gave us the opportunity to experiment with the past, present, and future of bass monosynth sound design. After we got the sound sources dialed in, our collective of expert sound designers went to work and came up with an eclectic set of presets: thunderous percussion hits, massive synth bass, experimental grooves, hard-hitting pulses, and much more. 

Rumble delivers a hybrid sample library unlike anything we’ve heard before. It’s perfect for modern electronic and pop productions that call for cinematic, seat-rattling low end with precision, clarity, and punch. We can’t wait to hear what you make with it! 

Shake your productions to their core with Rumble today.

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