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Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs): The Ultimate Guide

When you’re creating new patches and designing sounds, do they sound static? Without rhythm, groove, dynamics, or a sense of movement? If so, what should you do to fix it? Enter the unsung hero of sound design and production, the LFO, or Low-Frequency Oscillator....

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Convolution Reverb: An Essential Guide

Unlocking the Sonic Magic of Physical Spaces Ever shouted into a cave? Or ‘yee-hawed’ down the Grand Canyon? Maybe you've heard an echo in a large bathroom? In each case, you would have heard what convolution reverb is based on. Did you notice how the sound in a cave...

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The Best Reverb Plugins 

Ever wondered why John Bonham's drums sound so massive? Or what makes Whitney Houston’s vocals shimmer? Or why The XX sound so spacey? Reverb is a crucial contributor to what makes their recordings sound great. In this article, we’ll take you through a brief history...

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