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Light up your sound.

BEAM is an interactive multi-effects plugin featuring a cutting-edge granular engine, convolution reverb, and filters with an innovative dynamic audio graph system. Sparkle your keys, spice up your vocals, reshape your drums, and launch your synths into outer space.


Let’s get spacey.

Space Node

A stunning convolution reverb effect featuring a curated set of impulse responses, including sound design by Benn Jordan and Venus Theory.

These aren’t your average spaces – dive deep into a collection of textural spaces designed to transform audio into new soundscapes.

Slice and dice.

Grains Node

A real-time granular effect perfect for shimmering particle clouds, glitchy percussive grooves, and rhythmic soundscapes.

Built for speed and performance, BEAM allows up to three parallel grain engines at once.

Tame those freqs.

Filter Node

A classic collection of lowpass, highpass, and bandpass filters with frequency and resonance control.

Use up to four filter nodes in serial or parallel to dial in the right frequencies for each patch.

Don’t limit yourself.

Dynamic Graph

Build complex effect layouts using an interactive visual audio graph.

BEAM allows endless combinations of parallel and serial sequences with up to 6 parallel paths.

agsdix-fas fa-sliders-h

250+ Global Presets

Crafted by leading sound designers from across the globe, including designs from Venus Theory, J.Views, Dash Glitch, Databroth, Alckemy Neuro, and more.

agsdix-fas fa-cube

150+ Impulse Responses

A curated collection of impulse responses ranging from otherworldly halls to synthetic textures. Wrap your sound in metal chains or a vast ambient space.

100+ Node Presets

Dial sounds in fast with dedicated sub-preset browsers for effect nodes and modulators.


Deep Modulation

Harness 2 LFOs and a Macro control with a dedicated LFO preset browser and shape editor.

agsdix-fas fa-magic

Preset Generator

Intelligently generate new presets from scratch with the click of a button using a proprietary probability cluster algorithm.

agsdix-fas fa-cubes

Expanding Ecosystem

New preset packs and node expansions are on the way!


BEAM In Action


Interactive Effects Playground


Technical Requirements


MacOS 10.15+ AU / VST3 / AAX (M1 / M2 recommended)

Windows 10+ VST3 / AAX (i7+ processor strongly recommended) 

Supported by all major DAWs

8GB RAM required (16GB RAM recommended)

At least 250 MB of free hard disk space

Access to a stable internet connection for downloading and activating the product is required.

Built with Elementary Audio and JUCE


14-Day Return Policy

No questions asked. Return any software purchase within 14 days of completing your order for a full refund.

Note: Excludes expansion packs.

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