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CUBE is a creative sample-based virtual instrument with hundreds of inspiring sounds and factory presets all bundled in a stunning 3D interface. Explore beautiful cinematic pads, gritty bass pulses, intimate felt pianos, wild analog synth textures, and much more. With such versatility, CUBE is the perfect genre-bending instrument for any composer, producer, or artist looking to reshape their sound.

A 3D Sound Blender

CUBE is a 3D space for morphing between different samples. Each corner of the cube is a sound and you can use the orb in the middle to blend these sounds together. The closer the orb is to a corner, the louder the sound will be. Drag the orb with your mouse, control it with external hardware, or choose from over 40 automatic orbit motion paths.

Hundreds of Sampled Instruments

Browse hundreds of eclectic sounds and instruments ranging from wailing guitars to fluttering flutes, and assign them to different corners of CUBE’s proprietary 3D engine.

Deep FX Suite

Transform your patches with gritty distortion, lush reverbs, beautiful delays, and more.

Powerful Modulation

Harness the power of four detailed LFOs and a Macro controller. Assign modulations just by dragging and dropping or through our custom modulation matrix.

Advanced Sample Editors

Reverse, loop, and tweak sounds with endless combinations.

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Feature Overview


100+ Sampled Instruments

Over 3000 samples with multiple dynamic layers


500+ Presets

Expertly crafted and designed by experienced composers and producers

agsdix-fas fa-globe

40+ Orbits

Creative motion presets for transforming your patches

8 Samplers

Each with an arpeggiator, filters, envelopes, step sequencers, reverse, monophonic, glide, pan, and tuning

13 FX Modules

Filters, Visual EQ, Saturation, Waveshaping Distortion, Bitcrusher, Compressor, Chorus, Phase, Delay, Algorithmic Reverb, Convolution Reverb, Limiter
agsdix-fas fa-balance-scale

Powerful Modulation System

4 detailed LFOs, macro control, and a beautifully-designed modulation matrix
agsdix-far fa-eye

Custom Graphics Engine

A proprietary OpenGL graphics engine for visualizing your presets and transforming your sound in real-time
agsdix-fas fa-rocket

Orbit Customizer

Build and save your own orbits from scratch with per-axis control
agsdix-fas fa-random

Randomization Algorithms

Quickly create new patches by randomizing sounds, orbits, and FX
agsdix-fas fa-leaf


A special CPU saving feature that minimizes RAM usage and CPU load
agsdix-fas fa-user-plus

User Audio

Mix and match any of your favorite sampled material right alongside our factory sounds. Simply drag your audio onto each corner.


Expanding Content

Grow your CUBE library with new features, preset packs, and sample sets

What The Pros Say

Hot Off The Press


“It’s not often we’re left open-mouthed by how good a synth is, but Cube has us gawping like village idiots.”


“A very impressive soft synth, fun, intuitive and extremely easy to produce cool, unique sounds.” – The best new synths of 2021

Sample Library Review

“One of my favorite instruments of 2021. Cube is one of the most ingenious motion features I have come across in a virtual instrument.” – Raborn Johnson

Explore CUBE Expansions

Easily add new sounds and presets to CUBE with our expansion packs.



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CUBE + Air


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Technical Requirements


MacOS 10.9+ AU / VST / AAX / Standalone

Windows 7+ 64 bit VST / AAX / Standalone

Supported by all major DAWs

At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and 2 GB of free drive space.

Access to a stable internet connection for downloading and activating the product is required.

Built with JUCE and HISE 2.1.0




14-Day Return Policy

No questions asked. Return your purchase within 14 days of completing your order for a full refund. Read more about our return policy here.

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