Adam King
Adam is a writer, content creator, and editor based in Portland, Oregon.

What’s a Synth Pad? The Lunatic’s Guide to Pads

Have you ever heard a song that you would describe as “sparse” or “empty”? Sometimes music can thrive off the space it creates. Other times, a song needs something to wrap everything together. That’s where a synth pad comes into play. It works to pad out an...

How to Sample: A Guide to Sampling Music

Sampling is the magic that comes from taking a previously recorded sound and repurposing it into a new musical context. When getting started, avoid the temptation to download tons of sample packs and libraries. Begin by learning the fundamentals. Sampling is reusing...

2023年版 VSTサンプラー トップ5

サンプリングや現代のサウンドマニピュレーションの技術は、音楽の歴史を包括する普遍的な日に対して、まだ目覚めたばかりである。 しかし、その夜明けは過ぎ去り、現在、トップ・バーチャル・スタジオ・テクノロジー(VST)サンプラーのサンプル機能は、私たちの想像の頂点に達しています。 録音された音を物理的に操作することから始まり、サンプルを使って楽器の音色の概念を完全に変えるソフトウェアへと発展してきました。...

Top 5 VST Samplers For 2023

The art of sampling and modern sound manipulation is still in its waking hours relative to the universal day that encompasses the history of music. But that dawn is passing, and the sample capabilities of the Top Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Samplers are currently...

A Brief History of Space and Moog

First things first: Vogue. Rogue. Moog. All pronounced the same. I know you thought some guy was just being snooty when he corrected you, and the urge for bovine homonyms is strong, but you must resist. And yet, despite the widespread misspeaking, there is ironically...

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