Adam King
Adam is a writer, content creator, and editor based in Portland, Oregon.

A Brief History of Space and Moog

First things first: Vogue. Rogue. Moog. All pronounced the same. I know you thought some guy was just being snooty when he corrected you, and the urge for bovine homonyms is strong, but you must resist. And yet, despite the widespread misspeaking, there is ironically...

What Kind of Synths Did Daft Punk Use?

For music made by a couple of “robots”, the process behind the creation of Daft Punk’s music is surprising human. Fortunately, when Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter removed their helmets, they weren’t shy about revealing the process behind their...

Artist Interview: Asher Fulero

Asher Fulero is a multi-faceted threat. To call him merely a keyboard virtuoso feels like an insult to his skills as a producer, creator, and all-around artist. Endorsed by both Nord and Moog, he pushes the limits of the digital atmosphere while approaching it with an...

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