Introducing CUBE Mini, The Bite-Sized CUBE License

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022
Introducing CUBE Mini, The Bite-Sized CUBE License

Written by Casey Kolb

May 10, 2022

CUBE Mini is our new bite-sized license for CUBE, featuring the same award-winning sonic engine and seamless 3D interface that powers our flagship product CUBE. With CUBE Mini, we focused on CUBE’s highest-impact features to give users an immediate sonic palette accessible at a lower price point.

We chatted with co-founder Bryan Winslow to get his perspective on CUBE Mini and where it fits within Lunacy’s longer-term vision. 

How did you arrive at the concept of CUBE Mini? 

Since the launch of CUBE one year ago, we’ve collected an enormous amount of feedback from our users on workflow, feature optimization, usability and price point. After internalizing a lot of varied responses, the concept for Mini began to take shape as a simplified user-friendly stepping stone to CUBE.

Overall, our thesis was to streamline CUBE into a simplified, ultra lightweight instrument and to expand the usability and optimization of the plug-in. Many composers and producers, like myself, draw inspiration directly from their toolset and want to have creativity at their fingertips without necessarily needing an extensive customizable interface. 

So, how do we make CUBE work better for someone who just wants to tweak a dope sound for their track? That was the core of our concept for Mini. 

How did you think about differentiating CUBE Mini from the existing CUBE?

CUBE is an extremely powerful plug-in and we’re very proud of the premium feature set that it offers; however, not every creator out there needs, or wants, the full firepower of everything CUBE has under the hood. With that in mind, we wanted to reserve some of the premium features for users who need deeper customization options, while expanding, through Mini, access to the core qualities of CUBE, mainly great samples and presets, to a much wider group of users across experience levels and budgets. 

With Mini, you’ll get a more player focused experience. Meaning, less time spent looking through customization options and more time spent playing and capturing great sounds. With less to focus on you can let the plug-in do the work while you focus on the important bit, the music. After a lot of beta testing, we feel like we’ve found the sweet spot between simplicity and tweakability in the interface. 

Who are you most excited to get their hands on CUBE Mini?

So far, we’ve seen a lot of success with CUBE in the Film / TV space and even in a sound design context with users who are working professionals in audio production and are used to utilizing all of the premium features that come with CUBE in their day to day workflow; but I am most excited about seeing Mini expand to younger producers and composers who are just getting started on their music making journey. 

Of course, we think Mini is useful for anyone in any music making context, but the younger generation of creators who are just coming up are the ones who will push music, scoring and audio production into uncharted waters. Being able to offer them a new way to think about creativity and inspiration through the condensed toolkit Mini offers and at a price that is accessible to almost all creators is a very cool thing.

Discover your new sonic playground with CUBE Mini today.

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